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Cleveland’s Dinesh Bafna: Known for Ethics

An exceptional businessman...

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Cleveland's dinesh Bafna

Dinesh Bafna Profile...

Dinesh Bafna of Cleveland is an exceptional businessman and a professional who holds finesse and extensive knowledge of the business world, technology, economics, politics, history, and other matters. After graduating from Bowling Green State University, he started his business in 1989 in a small warehouse. With his hard work and dedication, the heights his business has attained is indescribable. He is founder and President of Mont Surfaces who operates with integrity and morality only to leave his clients satisfied with his products.

Dinesh Bafna has a reputation of an entrepreneur who makes his clients and customers a top priority and delivers results irrespective of the situation. Having proven his entrepreneurial skills as well as leadership skills time and again, Dinesh Bafna’s profiles highlight him leading his team by an example.

Additionally, to keep himself updated with the latest technological advancements, he constantly attends workshops and training. These skills are then implemented by him for the development and growth of his business. He also trains his team and imparts the knowledge.

With regards to Dinesh Bafna’s personal details, he is married to Sangita Bafna and has two sons, Kunaal and Kurren Bafna. One aspect of his personality of which not many people are aware is his belief in giving back to the community. By becoming an active part of non-profit organizations such as American Red Cross, North Coast Community Homes, Breakthrough Charter Schools, Youth Opportunities Unlimited and The Playhouse Square Foundation, he stays connected to the community.

Bafna recently associated with Susie Frazier with an intent to highlight the importance of residing in places that reflect individuality. Mont Surface’s expertise in stylized, trendy and fine surface materials have come together with Susie’s talent and design-centered connection to nature to offer people the uniqueness they had never imagined.

Furthermore, Dinesh Bafna Cleveland is an excellent communicator and has built beneficial business relations with investors and clients which has led to the growth of his business. He never takes the unethical route and fulfills the demands of his customers.

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